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Save The (Big) Day: How To Solve Common Wedding Reception Disasters

From the music, to the flowers, to the specialty linen rental, you spent months planning your wedding reception. As much as you want every moment to unfold perfectly, a few unexpected incidents are inevitable. Big or small, these surprises have the potential to throw you for a loop. But they don’t have to. With the right preparation, you can solve even the biggest mishaps and carry on with your magical night. The following are just some of the most common reception disasters and how to solve them in a pinch.

The Disaster: A Clumsy Caterer

The Solution: Extra Tablecloth Rentals

The image may have played through your head several times: The caterer is carrying a tray of pasta when they suddenly trip and drop the tray. This sends sauce flying all over your rental linens. By having an extra tablecloth on hand, you can simply replace the linen and reset the table.

The Disaster: A Hyper Child

The Solution: A Kids Table

If you decide to allow children at your reception, you should expect at least one of them to get rowdy. But before “The Chicken Dance” turns into chicken cartwheels, it’s best to have some sort of kids entertainment in place. Set up a kids table with paper instead of one of your linen tablecloth rentals. Have crayons and other games available for them to play with.

The Disaster: An Unexpected Drunk

The Solution: Taxis And Shuttles

We all have that one relative who drinks a little too much at weddings. Of course, it’s important to keep them from driving. By having taxis pre-booked, or even a shuttle bus rental, you can transport all of your guests safely back to their hotels. Your overzealous uncle will surely thank you later.

The Disaster: Unexpected Guests

The Solution: Communication

Most weddings have an average of 165 guests, so it’s common for a few people to bring a plus-one at the last minute. Before you panic about not having enough food or space for them, speak with your wedding coordinator about how you can better accommodate these guests. Chances are that your caterer can dish out a few extra plates.

Stains on your specialty linen and un-monitored children running around may seem like a wedding nightmare. In reality, there is no reception disaster that you can’t handle. After all, you are marrying the love of your life. The rest will fall into place just fine.

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