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Decor Tips For A Memorable Benefit Event

Hosting a benefit event takes meticulous planning and organization. From the invitations to the auction baskets, every detail contributes to the success of the event. While the actual fundraising pieces are at the center of the event, it is important to remember the decorations. By selecting the perfect specialty linen, chair cover rentals, centerpieces, and other features, you can make your guests feel welcomed and inspired. Follow these tips for creating a beautiful atmosphere for your event.

Consider Color: Selecting the right color when renting linens for an event, and incorporating it into other aspects of the decor, is important for a benefit. Color is highly symbolic. Choose pink for a breast cancer fundraiser and red for leukemia, for example.

Dress The Chairs: While tablecloth rentals may come to mind first, remember to order chair cover rentals for an event. Chair covers are available in a variety of fabrics and colors to fit the theme of the benefit.

Place A Centerpiece: Empty tables are boring and uninviting. Change this by getting creative with your centerpieces. If you choose flowers for this piece of decor, remember to include your theme colors. Other creative options are plants, candles, and even balloons.

Incorporate Art: Benefits and fundraisers are often meant to tap into people’s emotions. Art pieces and photographs are a great way to help guests visualize the cause they are donating to. Videos are also effective, so consider placing monitors around the venue.

Remember The Podium: Your guests will likely spend a good portion of the event listening to speakers, so be sure to invest in decorating the podium and surrounding area. This will keep their attention on the area. Placing plants around the podium and a video screen behind it are just some of the ways to make this center area look interesting.

By taking the time to decorate your benefit well, you are enhancing the experience of all of your guests. Not only will they feel more invited, but they will leave with a fond memory of the fundraiser.

If you are hosting a benefit, or renting linens for an event, Connie Duglin can provide all of your linen rental needs. Linen is highly durable, absorbing up to 20% of its own weight in moisture while still feeling dry, so our materials can hold up to any situation. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

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