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How To Choose The Right Size Party Linens

When renting specialty linen, it is essential to choose the right size. By taking your time to do so, you will avoid a crisis on the day of your event when the tablecloth is too small for the tables. Most linens for standard sized tables are available in 134 inch rounds and 8 foot drapes. For cocktail and other small tables, you may need 108 or 120 inch linens. With all of these choices, follow these simple steps to selecting the perfect size tablecloth.

Consider the type of event. Different events will require specific types of rental linens. The main factor to consider here is how much you want the tablecloth to hang over the edge. For wedding reception linens, and other elegant occasion rentals, the cloth will hang lower. For graduation parties and corporate events, this might not be a necessity. Think about what is important for that specific aesthetic.

Measure the tables based on shape. You will need to measure round and rectangular tables differently to select the best specialty linen cloth sizes. For rectangular tables measure the table width and add the desired drop length on each side. Multiply this by the table length added to the other two drop lengths to get the dimensions of the table cloth. For round tables, the formula is more simple. Measure the diameter of the table and add double your desired side drop. Be sure to perform these measurements carefully to ensure the correct linen size.

Check if the table expands. Ignoring table leaves is one of the most common mistakes that customers make when selecting their specialty linen rentals. Be sure to double check whether your tables have these before you order. Also consider whether you will be pushing tables together or if the tables will be raised. This could change your measurements and the size you order.

To avoid same-day tablecloth blunders all together, consider renting specialty linen far in advance. By planning ahead for your tablecloth rentals, you can ensure that this essential piece of your decor is all set for your wedding, anniversary party, work event, or other special occasion.

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